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The Trivia Pages

Hey there, Beatle lover! Since you've come to this page, I know that you must have a hankering for some trivia. You'll need a piece of paper and a pencil to score yourself. Have fun!


For those of you who are just starting out. Don't worry, it's still challenging! Just not as challenging as Expert.

The Beginner Trivia Page

The Beginner Trivia Answers


Think you're the Beatle master? Take this quiz and see if you're right.

The Expert Triva Page

The Expert Triva Answers

Killer Mega Monster Super Challenge Genius:

FOR ADVANCED EXPERTS ONLY-You probably shouldn't even bother with this. I know you won't get any of them right. Just stick with the baby trivia.

The Killer Mega Monster Super Challenge Genius Triva Page

The Killer Mega Monster Super Challenge Genius Triva Answers

I, Beatlechild, would like to apologize to Maureen McCormick. This former Brady did NOT misquote John. It was Maureen Cleave. Again, I apologize.
GET BACK to where you once belonged.

You are the to match wits with this trivia page!