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The Killer Mega Monster Super Challenge Genius Trivia Page

1.) Yoga is:

a.) That gremilin guy from Star Wars
b.) John Lennon's wife
c.) Yogurt with purple sprinkles
d.) Kind of like the Macarena, only with feathers....

2.) The Golden Rule is:

a.) Buy low, sell high
b.) Thou shalt not flicketh boogers
c.) If the cook won't eat it, neither should you
d.) And if all your friends jumped off a bridge, you still shouldn't

3.) The Seventh Inning Stretch is:

a.) When a hockey player sings the National Anthem
b.) Performed by the artist formerly known as Prince
c.) More painful than a root canal
d.) Made of silly putty, no doubt

4.) Which of the following is not a Beatles' song?

a.) Ticket to Ride
b.) Love Me Do
c.) Let It Be
d.) A Hard Day's Night

5.) Which of the following is the symbol for water?

a.) CO2
b.) H4D
c.) H12OŻ
d.) C0OL (<-----geddit????)

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