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The Expert Trivia Page

1.) Who played a part in all 3 Beatles films?

2.) Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote 2 different songs under the same title. What was the name?

3.) What kind of animal is Prudence?
(That question donated by Jim Lennon5.)

4.) Where is the feeling that I've got?

5.) What can be measured out in miles?

6.) George Harrison's first wife had a part in A Hard Day's Night. Word for word, what were her lines?

7.) Where's the bus?

8.) Ringo says Aunt Jessie just hasn't been the same since when?

9.) Where are the Beatles the first time they meet the very famous Superintendent?

10.) What does Klang's mother think of her son?

11.) (In AHDN,) how will John pay for Paul's grandfather's lawyer?

12.) What album was partially the cause of Brian Epstein learning about the Beatles?

13.) According to the video anthology, why did Paul change Jules to Jude in the song Hey Jude?

14.) Who misquoted John in the beginning of the "More Popular than Jesus" mishap?

15.) If a train is leaving Detroit at 6:00 am, and a jet is flying at 700 mph from Denver to Orlando, what's the name of the dog that is in the cargo of the train?

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