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The Beginner Trivia Answers Page

1.) C (if you didn't figure THAT one out, just leave my page now, ok?

2.) Richard Starkey

3.) A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour. Yellow Submarine doesn't count. Only the characters were in that.

4.) A & C

5.) The proper answer would be Paul, but A, B, & C are right. John sings "I am the Walrus", the song IS "I am the Walrus", but in the movie Magical Mystery Tour Paul is dressed as the walrus. And in Glass Onion John sings "the walrus was Paul".

6.) D

7.) B

8.) Belonely, humble, fat, and small (that one is hard if you haven't heard the poem)

9.) Eric Clapton

10.) D (Jane was his ex-girlfriend, Linda is his wife. No hurtful pun intentended, I swear.)

11.) Yellow Submarine (see question 3)

12.) Paul's grandfather (From A Hard Day's Night)

13.) D

14.) Coke

15.) B (Paul is still happily married to Linda McCartney.)

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