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The Beginner Trivia Page

1.) Which of the following is not a Beatle?

a.) John
b.) George
c.) Stan
d.) Paul

2.) What is Ringo Starr's real name?

3.) Name the three movies that the Beatles starred in.

4.) Which two people were Beatles before Ringo joined?

a.) Peter Best
b.) Mike McCartney
c.) Stuart Sutcliffe
d.) George Martin

5.) Who is the walrus?

a.) I am
b.) John
c.) Paul
d.) George

6.) Who was John Lennon's firstborn?

a.) Jude
b.) John Jr.
c.) Sean
d.) Julian

7.) Which Beatle was smoking a cigarette on Abbey Rd.?

a.) John
b.) Paul
c.) George
d.) Ringo

8.) Which 4 adjectives describe the person who sat belonely down a tree?

9.) Who played the guitar solo on While My Guitar Gently Weeps?
(That question donated by rcscales.)

10.) What was the name of Paul McCartney's sheepdog?

a.) Sadie
b.) Jane
c.) Linda
d.) Martha

11.) Name a Beatle movie the Beatles didn't get to act in.

12.) Whose that little old man?

13.) What was the band called before they were the Beatles?

a.) Johnny and the Moondogs
b.)The Quarry Men
c.) The Silver Beetles
d.) Yes, that's correct

14.) What was the Beatle drink (besides booze) in the early sixties?

15.) Which Beatle has never divorced?

a.) John
b.) Paul
c.) George
d.) Ringo

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