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If you are interested in writing a Beatles short stort, long story, poem, or essay, follow these guidelines.

1.) Write it. That seems simple enough, doesn't it?

2.) Send it in! You can mail it to Beatlechild. In the subject line, type: NEW STORY: (Insert the name of your work here).

3.) Be sure to include a disclaimer! This should include the following things:
a.) A rating. (G, PG, PG-13, etc....If you can't decide, I'll choose for you. And if I think it is drastically wrong, I'll change it too.)
b.) If you think it is PG-13 through NC-17, SAY WHY!
c.) MANDATORY: You must write this under a name, it must be YOUR name. If you want to remain anonymous, choose a pseudonym.
d.) MANDATORY: You must somewhere claim that you wrote it (see #3) and take full responsibility for this story, and that I, Beatlechild, did not write it.
e.) MANDATORY: You must give me written permission to publish it on my page.

4.) Be sure it is about the BEATLES! :-)

5.) Have fun! If these rules sound too complicated, don't sweat it! This should be a fun project.

6.) Planet Tripper 1968 and I (Beatlechild) will choose the top winnners out of the following categories:
a.) Drama (2 winners)
b.) Comedy (4 winners)
c.) Poetry (2 winners)
d.) Fantasy (1 winner)
The winners will get their own special page. All those who didn't quite make it will still be published, they just won't get the amazing, highly-respected, great feeling that comes from being on the winners' page.

7.) There is no chosen deadline for these stories yet, so don't worry. Entries will not be accepted after the 100th entry, but this will most likely take everyone a pretty long time. Go for it!

8.) Don't forget, mail your story to: Beatlechild. If you have any further questions, mail Planet Tripper 1968.