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Ashley's Electronic Photo Album

My Friends Description:
ash_and_lindsay_upside_down.jpg Me and Lindsay were bored. 'Nuff said.
cloisters.jpg Now tell me this isn't the coolest picture of me you have EVER seen...
mikesfinger.jpg This is a cool pic of my boy Kurt
ash_and_lindz_collage.jpg The is the kickass picture Lindsay made me for Christmas
hi.jpg Um, this picture's a little irrelevant, but I still dig it
ash_michelle_and_chris.jpg Me, Michelle, and Chris goofing off in Drama
ash_and_michele.jpg Me and Michele
ash_and_rob.jpg Me and my buddy Rob Stewart on the bus
ashandcolin.jpg Me and my pal CDP in (ugh) science class
chris.jpg Chris Ward, goofing off in Drama again
coolhat.jpg This is a picture taken back on my 15th birthday, of me wearing Mr. Demnicki's cool black hat
fab4graduate.jpg The Fab 4 finally make it to graduation, and we look hot, too
the_smart_ones.jpg From the Fab 4, here are the two smart ones
the_smart_alecks.jpg And in comparison, here are the two smart alecks of the Fab 4
ashlindzandandrew.jpg Me, Lindsay, and my buddy Andrew on the busride to Boston
ashandmurphy.jpg My favorite picture, me and my wonderful dog Murphy
ashandlindz.jpg A little blurry picture of me and Lindsay on the beach in mid-October
pals.jpg These are my three best friends. From left to right: Lindsay, Bev, and Brita
ashandmrd.jpg This is me and Mr. Demnicki in a cemetery in Boston
fab4.jpg Me and my three best friends again at the Plymouth Plantation in Boston. Left to right: Bev, Lindsay, Me, and Brita

My Family Description:
ashley_cori_and_granddad.jpg My grandfather, sister and I
coriandashley.jpg My sister and I on my graduation day (Whoa, Ashley's actually wearing make-up!!)
family.jpg My whole family and I on my graduation day. We're very pretty.

Me as a Little Kid Description:
littleashandlindz.jpg Me and Lindsay on Halloween in 3rd grade
littleashandbrita.jpg Me and Brita on Halloween in... 4th grade, I think.
little_ash_and_nisha.jpg Me and Nisha Neelkanten playing house in Pre-K
littleashernieanddad.jpg This is me, my daddy, and my friend Ernie
littleashwithbirthdaycake.jpg Awww... a three-year-old does cake, Ashley-style
littleashanddad.jpg Me and my daddy
slide_1.jpg I have always been a non-comformist. Always.
slide_2.jpg Although it has not always been so successful...