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"Nobody's talking about Mimism...yet..." -- Auntie M.


Mimism is a place dedicated entirely to my nephew, Johnny. He's a good boy, we're all so proud of him!

Main Contents

This is the homepage. Now, it's not much yet, for I am very old and frail and slightly dead and don't know much HTML. Perhaps if you come back later it will be better.

Cease & Desist
I'd like those nasty young girls in my neighborhood to please stop calling me at four in the morning asking for autographs.

Meet and get together with other John Lemon fans and discuss John Lemon's life.

Web Boards
Post messages about John Lemon and people will respond almost like magic.

Albums and Singles
This new addition to Mimism is where you can read a list of all John Lemon's albums and write a review.

This is a SPLENDID sight on my nephew, John! Thanks to Sam Choukri, it is made possible. Rather unoriginal, though.

Art & Poetry
Take a look at some very nice drawings, paintings, graphics and poems created by fans of John Lemon in his honor.

Recent Additions & Changes

April 2, 1997
Mimism was invented!
April 5, 1997
The new addition Albums and Singles was added on to Mimism. Check it out!
April 18, 1997
I bought a new hat!
April 20, 1997
Mimism now has a mailing list! Sign up below to receive announcements of recent additions and changes.

Mimism Mailing List

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Linking to Mimism

Logo for Links Maybe someday people will ask me if it is alright to link to Mimism. Of course it is! The more people that know about Mimism the better. In fact, if you'd like to spruce up your link with an image, please feel free to use the small Mimism logo to the right. Thanks!

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Last Update: Apr 5, 1997
You are the John Lemon worshipper to come here.