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Beatlechild's Creativity Cove


By: Angela Touchette

Like the brief, bright, colorful beauty of orange-tipped butterfly wings, childhood innocence fades and eventually dies. The once magical dreams of a child become slowly foolish. When we begin to grow older, the once treasured images now seem worthless. Sometimes it only takes one man's actions to tear our security from us. It only takes one moment to cause a lifetime of pain, to alter us forever. It took the falling of one to crumble the worlds of millions that once lived in a dream world. It ripped the vision, the voice, and tore the creativity from our young minds. One man took our one and only.
One man took our childhood.

The Band Played
By: The Beatlechild

The sky is green
the grass is red
psychedelic powers inside your head.
A silver guitar under a shady moon
My boys are aging and far too soon.
I stop to chat with a traffic light
and then, of course, I've taken flight
I fly to a country full of blue people
They look green to me instead.

The trees are purple
my dog is gold
Your fingernails are growing mold.
The band has played
They sung my song
The boys are gone, but not for long.
I say hello, goodbye to Herman the cow
is on a farm sitting next to a plow
This is my story both humble and true
Take it to pieces and mend it with glue.

The End.

GET BACK to where you once belonged.