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Bev's Electronic Photo Album

ambulance.jpg Ashley, about to be hit by an ambulance driven by cardboard people
_and_a_bull.jpg Ash, Bev, and a lotta bull
big_group_in_rotunda.jpg A bunch of people in the rotunda
bobby_and_bev_at_graduation.jpg Bobby and Bev at graduation (duh)
_and_andy.jpg Ben, Bev, and Andy at graduation
jeff_and_kelly.jpg Jeff and Kelly at graduation
kevin_and_matt.jpg The really cute picture of Kevin and Matt!
_and_annika.jpg Jackie, Bev, and Annika at the dance
_and_pez.jpg Jenny, Ashley Hall with a camera, and Laura
_and_andy.jpg Ben, Bev, and Andy
laura_jenny_andrew_and_evil_bev.jpg Nice picture of Laura and Jenny, but Bev looks like she's about to stab Andrew in the back or something
michelle.jpg Michelle, Jayme, and Erica on the bus
mr._d_with_puzzle.jpg He is completely oblivious to the outside world
thor.jpg This is no doubt the work of Mr. Kvande, a horrible influence on us
todd.jpg Cute picture of Todd
vivek.jpg Imagine Vivek saying: Huh?
zach.jpg Cute picture of Zach
dinosaur.jpg Cute picture of a dinosaur