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by Sadie Ono-Lennon (Future wife of Sean Taro Ono Lennon)

There once was a man named John
And Strawberry Field was his childhood lawn.
He liked to smoke dope,
And give the world hope,
And had a hottie son named Sean.

Sequel to Untitled
There once was a lady called Yoko.
She fell in love with a "loco".
She was known for her screams,
And her outlandish dreams.
Her music has been concidered a joke-o.

Sequel to Untitled Part 2
There once was a hottie named Sean.
Who looked like his father named John.
He's a good-lookin' boy,
Which gives me much joy,
And one day we are going to get married and have little Ono-Lennon kids
running around the Dakota and live happily ever after drinking lemonades on the
front lawn.


"Why I like John Lemon #4"

By: Joey 4

I made this when I thought Bagism shut down. I was crushed, and it hurt me so badly I made this picture. It took me about fourteen hours or so to make.

"The Glasses"

By: Planet Tripper 1968

These are *ahem* John LEMON's famous granny glasses. I thought they were cool. Pretty deep, huh?

"Tribute of Luv"

By: Gina

this is called "Tribute Of Luv". I was inspired by something i read that said John's fav colour was green and his fav number was 9. I just knew he must luv a green 9. so i made one for him. I added a sunburst effect and border to give it a certain flair. I hope he likes it. I think it is beautiful!

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