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Hey there, cool person. I guess you've come here to learn all about me, so there's a few things you have to know.....

My Favorite...uh, Stuff:

Favorite band: The Beatles
Favorite color: Red
Favorite #: 5
Favorite Song: California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas
Favorite Show: due South

My Family and Friends:
Siblings: One older sis, Corby! She looks just like me, only slightly shorter....:-)
IRL Best Buds: Britawater, my carrot-topped companion, Lindz, my fellow Beatnik, Bevvydarling, and Ashleigh

I'll use this space to emphasize how cool I am. In case you were skeptical. Damn I'm cool.

And I guess I'll use this space to state that I play the guitar and like to write, and other than that I'm a total loser. (But cool, of course. Yeah. Figure that one out!)

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