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The Beatlechild Helps Out Page!

This is a page where anybody from any part of any of the planets can receive help "With a Little Help From My Friends". Our operators are standing by 24 hours a day, ready to help. Your message will be posted on this page unless you don't want it to be.

If you would like to receive help, mail either Beatlechild, her friend JLennon, or Planet Tripper 1968 and they will be happy to help!

Dear Beatlechild,

There's this guy that I like at school, but I don't think he likes me more than a friend. How do I tell him?
-In Love

In Love:
I suggest that you just come right out and say to him, Do you want to go to the movies with me some time? If he says yeah, ok, then your golden. If he says no thanks, then don''t give up! Try again next week!

Dear Beatlechild,

I am too obsessed with the Beatles. What do I do? All I can ever do is think about them.
-Twelve and Obsessed

Twelve and Obsessed:
As just about any Beatles fan in the entire world could tell you, there is no cure. Unless you stab yourself in the back and start dissing the Beatles, there is no cure and you are doomed for life. Isn't that great???

Dear Beatlechild,

What is the meaning of life?

Really really loud, mind-blowing deafening music. Especially Rubber Soul, or Twist and Shout. Yeah, that's it. Play that really loud for a long time and the meaning of life will be revealed to you.

Dear Beatlechild,

I have had a problem all through high school about not getting any dates. My friend told me I should ask the guys out, but I'm too chicken to do that. I'm afraid I'll never get any dates and everybody will laugh at me. What can I do?
-No Name, Please

No Name:
That's a good question. The truth is, maybe you do need to make the first move. This is hard for almost EVERYBODY, believe me. Find something in common with this person and use it to your advantage! This could lead to a phone call, which leads to conversation.....but trust me, easy or not, what's the worst that could happen? He says no. That's all! And if I were you, I wouldn't worry about never getting a date. There are plenty of happy single people, a good relationship takes 2, not just you!

Dear Beatlechild,

Do the Beatles really know how it is to be FREE AS A BIRD? If so can I fly?

When the Beatles sung this song, they were referring to the freedom of not being a Beatle. After the Beatles split up, they were all technically free as birds. And no, you can't fly. Please stop asking stupid questions.

Dear Beatlechild,

There is this guy named Mike. He is my best friend in the whole world. I used to like him but I made myself stop because I think that our friendship is more important but I can't stop thinking about him!!! What do I do?

Maybe you need to stop and ask yourself, what does Mike think of you? Any adult will tell you, you should tell him how you feel. But it's true, his attitude toward you might change. Do you think he might like you too? If you think he does, I suggest you stop torturing yourself. Now, you should probably never suppress how you really feel towards Mike. But if you LIKE-like Mike (hee) then you should possibly tell him so. Good luck!



I don't think you're crazy at all. You can consider yourself part of the club of many, you too are a hippie reincarnate. So am I. Look around, even at Bagism you'll find plenty of kids who feel the same way.

Dear Beatlechild,

I have this problem that irritates me. You know how some people when they eat lunch they put everything out on the table and slowly eats through it all?? Well I HATE that. What should I do???
-irritated by an irritation

Irritating: (whoops, I mean, uh, irritated)
You should try it for yourself sometime! Expand your horizons! Live a little! TRY PUTTING YOUR FOOD ON THE TABLE TOO!

Dear Beatlechild,

My best friend and I used to be SO obsessed w/ the Beatles. Well, now she doesn't like them a whole lot anymore (she claims that their lyrics to their songs don't mean much!!!!). I'm kinda bummed but the thing that makes me mad is that she makes fun of them now even though she knows I get mad when she does. Every time I bring them up she makes some mean comments about them (especially Paul, cause I talk about him the most cause he's my fav so that makes me even madder!). What do you think I should do? I have tried to tell her before that I don't like when she makes fun of them but she thinks it's all a big joke. Please help!
-Beatle Bummed

I can tell that since the two of you are best friends, she is not meaning to hurt you. If she really wanted to hurt you, she wouldn't still be your friend. I think maybe next time she does this to you, make sure you don't act like it's a joke. This will sound strange and unprofessional, but it's true: if you act like your feelings have been deeply scarred by her teasings, chances are she'll feel pretty guilty. Give it a try. If you need anything else, mail again.

GET BACK to where you once belonged.

This page is for entertainment only. All though we will try our hardest to answer all letters, please don't take this too seriously.:-)